The BEST Way To Handle Postcards, Websites & Resumes: SCRAP THEM

Hey everyone,

You know one of the great things about having a site like Hack Hollywood is not only helping out our members but helping you guys out too (in case you’re not a member). I get so many great questions in our accountability forum and it seems like a waste for more people not to see the answers because I know so many of you awesome people have similar questions.

This is a great one but my answer is very uncommon. You’re not going to hear this from ANYONE else! What can I say, I like to live dangerously. Read on…

Hacktor Question:

I still need some way to get my feet in the door. Right now I am in the middle of setting up my website and researching the casting directors listed on to choose maybe 10 to send postcards/HS/Resumes to.

I wonder if anyone else has any advice as to how to get my foot in the door so to speak. Also if anyone has any names or companies they think I should be contacting, by all means flood my thread with knowledge.

David’s Answer:

Hi and welcome. You are clearly a very bright and motivated person and I think you are going to learn how to best focus that light in the right way.

Right off the bat, I can tell you are going to learn a lot here. You go to an excellent school but clearly excellent schools don’t teach independent thought and how can they? They have thousands of students and only a handful of teachers.

If you want unique and amazing results, you need to NOT do what everyone else is doing. Website, postcards, resumes, etc…scrap it all!

You know how to put your foot in the door? Put your foot in the door!

Walk into their offices and introduce yourself. Tell them about yourself and offer your services to them.

Your instinct right now is to argue with me and tell me why you shouldn’t do that. Those aren’t even your thoughts. They are someone else’s.

If you knew nothing about the business, would you put up a website when you want to meet people. Would you send them postcards or would you call or visit them? Screw social media. That’s just putting stuff between you and who you want to know.

You don’t need to know people across the country. You need to know people who can make a difference in your life right now. They are in your neighborhood so be a good neighbor and visit them. Just do it and see what happens.

As far as names of companies, this is your journey, so you have to first figure out exactly what you want to do and then do some homework and you will figure out who to contact.

Then you can ask people if they know someone at one of these places. Don’t ask them what you should do. Ask them if they can help you once you know what you should be doing.

Always figure out what you have to offer before you approach anyone for anything. If you can help them, they will always be happy to hear from you.

Anyway, lots of material in Hack Hollywood on all of this. I am sure you will be ultra-successful once you start applying ultra-successful techniques.

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